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Feedback transformed into insights
so customers keep returning for the great experience

Feedback in the moment of experience

What is feedback?

Its a reaction to an emotional high or low the visitor experiences when interacting with your brand.
Capturing feedback, once that moment has passed only dilutes the intent to share. Feedback is not part of the customer's buying journey, but their emotions are. At BuzzNgo we prompt actions when emotion is high and convert it into actionable insights. Our feedback loops are non-intrusive, intuitive, and rich in analytics, so you are not downed in data but equipped with actionable insights in real-time.
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Experience point of contact feedback like never before.

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digital touchpoints
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We are there where your customers are

digital touchpoints
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Web Widget for your digital touchpoints

A customizable web widget that can be deployed without any coding in under 60 seconds. Start collecting data instantly and enriching your user experience.
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A Kiosk for your brick and mortar touchpoints

Wifi & GSM enabled touch screen kiosk housed in a beautiful metallic stand. Simply plug it in and get started with in-moment feedback analytics.

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A beautiful dashboard with live & interactive visuals to help you understand the customer engagement pulse in a quick snapshot.


Bravo Index

Understand your customer satisfaction score as a single number, we call it your Bravo Index

Get actionable Insights

Not just loads of data, but BuzzNgo gives you actionable insights that help you identify where the problem sits


We help you look ahead, Our trend analysis helps you point repeated pitfalls and drive a targeted improvement approach

Real Time Alerts

When customer experience scores dips get alerted in realtime. We enable you to act before the customer is gone.
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All you will need to get customer-obsessed and drive up measurable satisfaction

Feedback as a service

Pay for conversions. Zero fixed rentals.

Real-Time Analytics

Get Actionable insights not just a data dump.

Zero Capex

Beautiful hardware, Seemless widgets included in the pricing starting at $0.01.

In moment feedback

There is no better time to know how they feel than the time of experience.

How & Why

Not just how also know why your visitors felt that way


Feedback is most honest when not being forced. We designed it to be intuitive.

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