If you hear from a fellow shopper that a brand is great, you tend to believe it. This is the beauty and simplicity of word of mouth marketing. It is also one of the most effective marketing strategies because for a very large consumer bracket, what others feel about the brand and their products is an influential source of information. It is considered to be more realistic, trustworthy and relatable. 

Happy Customers means more business

Word of mouth marketing doesn’t die after one interaction. One consumer tells another, who tells another, who tells another and it becomes a chain reaction, making WOM a crucial marketing tool.

Like all good things, WOM is a double-edged sword and negative communication spreads just as fast. While positive WOM can lead to customers lining in front of your store, bad reviews can make them run in the opposite direction. 

Because WOM is such a valuable marketing vehicle, it is important to make sure it works in your favour and adds to your company’s success. 

A sure-shot way of creating positive WOM is through positive customer experiences.  

Customer experience (CX) is your customers’ holistic view of their whole experience with your business including every interaction from website navigation to receiving the product. 

Every minute interaction a customer has with your business impacts their decision to transact with you and their willingness to return. Without a doubt, delivering great customer experience is hugely important for any business. 

Great customer experience isn’t a straightforward result of the brand’s message or actual offerings. It has to be deconstructed into its component experiences. 

While it would have been easier for all of us if there was a standard checklist to good customer experience, there is no such thing. 

Your business is unique and so are your customers. Good customer experience comes from asking questions to your customers, understanding their needs, preferences and pain points and actioning their feedback. 

It is important to have a dependable method of collecting insight from your customers so you can take action and make impactful changes.

And an efficient way to do that through simple, intuitive feedback. 

Not only are traditional feedback systems cumbersome and boring, but they also occur so late in the customer journey that they have no relevant impact. 

BuzzNgo makes feedback simple, intuitive and real-time. Right when the customer is engaging with the brand is when their engagement is highest, which makes it the perfect moment to understand what works or does not work for them. 

With BuzzNgo, you always know how you are performing right now by analysing your Bravo Score.

Bravo Score is a real-time measure that tells how you are performing on a scale of 100. It allows you to act right there and then to reduce friction and solve your customers’ specific problems and unique challenges. It allows you to leverage growth potential and improve customer experience. 

To learn more about how we at BuzzNgo can help you consistently deliver great customer experience, click here.


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