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Feedback Kiosks – they just work

By September 12, 2020 7 Comments

It’s not rocket science that customers will only do business with you if they like you and if they don’t, they’ll simply switch to other brands. But how do we know if the customers like us? And if not, what can we do to deliver a better customer experience?

For a business to move forward, it is essential to put customers at the forefront and treat their feedback as the most relevant source of information. Collecting feedback not only allows you to make sure people like what you are offering but also provides an understanding of how to improve. 

Customer feedback helps you to understand your customers and improve customer engagement, along with giving you insights on product improvement and customer acquisition. 

Today, collecting feedback mostly boils down to sending questionnaires and survey requests via email. But there’s a catch. First, you need to have your customers’ correct email addresses and even if you do, you can’t be too optimistic in expecting responses. Customers don’t have the time to fill long questionnaires, especially after they are past the customer experience.  

One solution to this problem is to take a macro view of all your customer interactions right in the moment of experience and it is feedback kiosks that make it possible. 

Feedback kiosks are a simple and intuitive solution that makes giving and receiving feedback much easier. A kiosk is a powerful digital tool for gathering insights into your customers’ satisfaction levels.They are placed in strategic positions so customers can easily provide feedback when their engagement is highest i.e. right when they are experiencing the brand. 

As compared to conventional feedback mechanisms, kiosks have key benefits that make collecting feedback and extracting insights simpler and more manageable.  

They allow both customers and visitors to provide feedback right in the moment of experience. Being able to provide feedback right there and then prompts more customers to do so, and it makes the feedback more accurate. Once the customer is past the purchase and has forgotten the experience, their likelihood to provide feedback and the level of accuracy, both tend to decrease drastically.  

Feedback kiosks are simple, intuitive and require fewer questions to understand customer experiences on a broader level. The longer the survey questionnaires, the less time people spend in answering the questions, thus impacting the authenticity of the feedback. Kiosks make answering questions easy with the touch of a single tap. The questions can be customised according to the business and even if a customer does not answer all the questions, the feedback that they do provide is saved nonetheless, thus making collecting feedback highly convenient. 

Another key benefit is that kiosks are non-intrusive. Customers don’t feel forced to provide feedback and thus can do so at their own ease. People are more likely to provide honest feedback if they don’t feel like they are being bothered. 

It’s the perfect real-time solution that is backed by powerful analytics to provide actionable insights that will help you propel your business. 

Feedback Kiosks are simple plug and play devices and thus extremely easy to implement. At BuzzNgo, there is no hardware cost and you only pay for actual conversions, thus making it remarkably efficient and economical to implement. 

Kiosks are thus an incredible real-time feedback solution that is spontaneous and interactive and allows you to have the immediacy of feedback along with comprehensive and actionable insights


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