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It’s here – Feedback as a Service and you must get it.

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Lengthy questionnaires to collect customer feedback is a thing of the past. Customers don’t have the time to fill long surveys after the moment of experience has passed and brands don’t have the time to invest in the creation of surveys that do not bring in valuable and actionable insights.  

Now imagine feedback that is simple and intuitive. Feedback that is collected right in the moment of experience without it being intrusive. Customers can provide feedback at their own convenience and real-time insights can be drawn that allow the business to take corrective action right away. Feels like a dream, doesn’t it? 

BuzzNgo Feedback Kiosks bring this dream to life. Feedback Kiosks are powerful digital devices with touchscreens attached at the top that are placed at strategic locations to increase response rates while being exceptionally simple and engaging. They are interactive, appealing and customisable.

Let’s consider the case of Mr Rakesh who owns a fashion store called ZFashions in Mumbai city. Rakesh understands the importance of collecting customer feedback in order to provide an impeccable customer experience. Rakesh knows that a high percentage of people who have a bad experience never come back to the store. Even worse, a bad experience translates to negative word of mouth for ZFashions, thereby affecting the brand loyalty of customers. 

Rakesh is an intelligent and pragmatic businessman and decides to install Feedback Kiosks in his store. He strategically looks at various locations in the store and decides that the billing counter would be a tactical spot as waiting queues tend to form near the counter. He understands that when customers are inside the store and experiencing the brand, they are more likely to answer a few questions rather than being bothered a few days later when they can’t recollect the exact feelings they had when they were inside ZFashions store.

BuzzNgo Feedback Kiosks are also completely customisable so Rakesh decides to keep the survey as concise as possible: 3 to 4 questions in addition to any comments. He decides to ask the customers about 

their experience: very bad, bad, good, very good;

what can be improved: product quality, customer service, store ambience, prices;

any other comments or suggestions;

and their contact details for the loyalty enrollment program.

All the questions are simple, can be answered within 20 seconds and are engaging. Another key benefit is that if the customer decides to not answer all questions, the feedback that he chose to provide will still be recorded, thus making it easier to understand customer experience and expectations on a macro level without inconveniencing the customer.  

Rakesh has also designed his questions to be intuitive so that they tap into the customer’s direct and authentic sense of experience without a lot of open-ended questions. 

Thus, Rakesh has created a clear, minimal and engaging survey to ensure a remarkably effective and efficient feedback process. 

With BuzzNgo Feedback Kiosks, Rakesh always knows how ZFashions is performing in real-time by analysing the Bravo Score. Bravo Score is an instantaneous measure that tells how you are performing on a scale of 100 and thus allows Rakesh to act right away to diminish disagreement and solve his customers’ specific problems and unique challenges. 

Having looked at the benefits, now let’s talk about the economics of BuzzNgo Kiosks. 

If these benefits weren’t enough, Rakesh also doesn’t have to pay for the hardware. There are no fixed costs and Rakesh only pays for actual conversions. So, there is zero capital expenditure and for Rakesh, feedback is a service rather than a feedback kiosk being the product. Let’s dive deeper into that. 

Around 500 people visit ZFashions daily. Let’s assume 150 people transact while 350 come to the store but do not end up purchasing from the store. If Rakesh were to go with conventional feedback mechanisms, he would have to either send customers emails or have people in the store to ask customers how they feel.

Face to face questions might not expose authentic insights and people might feel forced to answer, thus feeling inconvenienced. 

For email survey requests, Rakesh will have to make sure he has the right email addresses, and that reduces his audience to 150 customers only and he thus loses out on the 350 visitors that the store had. Now out of the 150 people, the response rate might be as low as 10 people, thus considerably reshaping the insights that can be drawn from the feedback process.

In the case of feedback kiosks, all 500 people remain our target audience. Assuming that only 40% of the people choose to provide feedback, we still gather insights from 200 people, clearly illustrating the advantages of feedback kiosks. The response rate of feedback kiosks in this case increases by a factor of 20X as compared to conventional systems. 

On top of that, X will only have to pay for the 200 feedbacks ZFashions actually received and not the hardware of the feedback kiosk. Thus, feedback becomes a service with an exceptional ROI of 100% as X pays for nothing but the authentic feedback generated. 

Not only are BuzzNgo Feedback Kiosks simple, engaging, and easy to install, but they also provide you invaluable insights to drive your business while being remarkably cost-effective. 


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